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What does Sunny Spot mean?

It's that place where everyday is a holiday and food makes you smile.

Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, including vegetarians, those with specific food allergies or someone who might be on a special diet?

Yes, we can accommodate certain requests at the risk of the original integrity of the dish -- but if the requests involve dishes that require a two-day process of brining and slow-roasting, it may be impossible to accommodate. Feel free to notify your server of certain dietary restrictions and allergies and we'll do our best to see what we can make happen for you.

Do you have any Happy Hour specials?

Yes, we have food and drink Happy Hour specials EVERY DAY!! Call us for additional details.

Does Sunny Spot accommodate large parties?

With Sunny Spot offering 3 distinct rooms, it is ideal for large parties. For parties of 12 or more, send inquiries here

Do you accept reservations for large parties?

Yes, we do. Parties of 12 or more should make their reservation here

What is the seating capacity?

56 seats in the Rum Den, 65 seats in the Front Room, and 62 seats on the Patio (183 seats in all)

What’s your wait time like?

We accept reservations in the Rum Den, so feel free to call ahead and secure a table while they're available. All seating in the Front Room and Patio are self-seating so get here early as waits for this space vary quite a bit and tend to peak around 8:30.

Do you take walk-ins?

We take and encourage them. Seating in the Front Room and Patio are first come, first serve – so come on it and grab whatever seat best suits your fancy.

Is smoking allowed?

Only on the patio, and only after the kitchen has closed and the last guest has finished dining.

Would it be okay to bring children to Sunny Spot?

No children’s menu is available, but we do have high chairs. And our food is friendly to children.

What credit cards do you accept?

All credit except Discover and Diner’s Club

Do you sell gift cards?


Do you have valet parking?

Yes for $5 every night.

Do you have a full bar?


Can I have a full meal at the bar?


Can we bring in our own wine?

Yes. There is a $15 corkage fee.

May I bring an outside cake to my meal?

Yes, with a $15 flat per dessert cake-cutting fee.

Does the Executive Chef of Sunny Spot cook at any other restaurants?

Yes. A-Frame, Alibi Room, Chego and Kogi.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we offer valet parking for $5 and there is street parking available on Washington Blvd.

Are you wheelchair accessible?


Do you do take out? Do you deliver? Do you cater?

We do takeout. No delivery. No catering.

What is the dress code at Sunny Spot?

As long as you cover your private areas, it’s all good.

How long has Sunny Spot been open?

Since November 18, 2011

Does the owner of Sunny Spot own any other restaurants?

Yes, Dave Reiss also owns A-Frame, Alibi Room and The Brig.

Is Chef Roy ever around?

Yes. Even when he’s invisible to the naked eye. He’s always watching. And cooking. And tasting. (In a very non-creepy way.) Follow him on Twitter @ridingshotgunla